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Universal Absorbents

Universal Absorbents

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Universal Absorbent Pads

SafetyGear Absorbent Pads are used in times of leaks and spills. These absorbent pads have absorption capacity that can keep your surface clean. Classification of the pads also has been made easy. The white color pads are Oil Absorbents that absorb only oil and repel water. The yellow color pads are Chemical Absorbents that absorb aggressive chemicals and the grey color pads are universal pads that are used to absorb oil and water based fluids like oils, coolants, milk etc.

Available In : 92 – 112 Litres, 80 – 97 Litres, 95 – 115 Litres

Universal Absorbent Rolls

When it comes to spills over a larger area, SafetyGear Absorbent Rolls is the product you use. Absorbent Rolls share the same properties that of an absorbent pad, but just come in a roll form. Oil, Chemical and Universal Rolls in multiple sizes and dimensions available.

Available In : 80 – 97 Litres, 140 – 170 Litres, 167 – 203 Litres, 166 – 201 Litres

Universal Absorbent Pillows

SafetyGear Absorbent Pillows are an excellent choice for absorbing spills off small water bodies. Pillows are also a smart choice to keep use in industrial premises to keep under various machines to soak the spills and keep your surface clean.

Available In : 153 – 171 Litres, 129 – 144 Litres

Universal Absorbent Socks

SafetyGear Absorbent socks is the perfect choice of product when it comes to containing and absorbing the spills. The combination of a knitted outer layer and polyproplyene filling, these socks have a very high retention of liquids. As per the industry grades, oil absorbing are white socks, chemical absorbing are yellow socks and universal socks are grey socks.

Available In : 129 – 144 Litres, 128 – 152 Litres, 136 – 152 Litres
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