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Marine Spill Kits are designed especially for controlling hazardous spillages in marine or fresh-water areas. Along with the required chemical and oil absorbents, these kits also come with personal protection equipment (PPE) and other required tools. Thus, in case of severe spillages, our oil spill kit for marine can provide immediate assistance.

Spills always comes unannounced. In such situations, having handy spill kits becomes inevitable to ensure minimal life and property damage. We create a range of SafetyGear spill kits which are designed to target various situations. Whether you require oil spill kits, or chemical spill kits or even universal spill kits, you can find them with us. Based on the spillage type that your work area is prone to, we can provide you with the ideal spill kit. They are designed carefully to ensure utmost efficiency in any potentially hazardous situation.

Available in 40L, 200L, 600L, 1000L & 1600L

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